Status Designations

This page describes the various states that fallacies can exist in. Most fallacies start in the Straw state and end either in the Doused Straw or Ashes state. Some fallacies briefly pass through the Blazing Straw state.

Status Description
Straw Although plausible that such a fallacy is believed by at least someone, no actual occurrence has been sighted in the wild and no arguments have been made which imply that a proponent of an argument believes the fallacy to be true.
Smouldering Straw Like a fallacy in the Straw state, belief in this kind of fallacy has not been stated explicily, but it would appear that at least some people believe it to be true on the basis of some arguments they have made.
Doused Straw The state of a fallacy that was previously Smouldering Straw and was in danger of being hurled into the debate in the Blazing Straw state. However, the fallacy was thoroughly debunked before it reached the Blazing Straw state.
Blazing Straw The state that a fallacy reaches when someone observes that the fallacy has been used, with a straight face, in the wild. Such fallacies have not yet been thoroughly debunked. It is expected that the number of Blazing Straw arguments will be few in number.
Ashes A fallacy that was previously in the Blazing Straw state but has since been thoroughly debunked.

NB: If there are any artistically minded types that can supply useful icons for the above descriptions, I would love to hear from you!


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