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The List Of Fallacies

December 13, 2008

Please be sure to view the “List Of Fallacies” for a (partially tounge-in-cheek) list of the fallacies that have been presented in the Mandatory ISP-level Filtering debate.

A salacious sample of over 100 fallacies is listed here:

  • #10 – The McMenanmin Fallacy: That no price is too high a price to pay, in order to protect the children.
  • #13 – The Conroy Fallacy: That if you are against the filter, you are for child pornography
  • #18 – The Hamilton Fallacy: That censoring the Internet is just like censoring other media
  • #34 –The Rudd Fallacy: That there is a consensus about what porn is and what it is not. See Rule 34.
  • #82 – The Hamilton Fallacy of Clueless Consent: That people who allegedly support the filter were fully informed of the issues when they gave that support
  • and so on …

Welcome To Filtering Fallacies

December 7, 2008

Welcome to Filtering Fallacies.

This blog is a sister blog to “Broadbanned Revolution – fight the philterphiles that be.”

The intention of this blog is to have one post for each fallacy in the Australian Mandatory ISP filtering debate. Sometimes the argument will be put forth directly in the blog, but in other cases, I will simply link to the best expositions of the fallacies in other places.

I encourage everyone to submit their favourite fallacies as comments to this entry or the individual fallacy entries and I’ll write them up.

I make no apologies for the fact that this blog has an explicit anti-filtering agenda, but proponents of the filter are welcome to propose their own fallacies that they believe the anti-filtering camp is guilty of. I reserve the right to present the fallacy in the light that I see it, but others are welcome to point out where I am wrong in comments.

I reserve the right, in advance, to alter any post I write. Where I do this in a way that invalidates someone’s criticism of the previous position (as noted in an existing comment), I will try to take care to note that, but feel free to call me on “unfair” edits.

The list of fallacies (to be) discussed can be found in here.

Updates to the blog description will be maintained here.