The List Of Fallacies

Please be sure to view the “List Of Fallacies” for a (partially tounge-in-cheek) list of the fallacies that have been presented in the Mandatory ISP-level Filtering debate.

A salacious sample of over 100 fallacies is listed here:

  • #10 – The McMenanmin Fallacy: That no price is too high a price to pay, in order to protect the children.
  • #13 – The Conroy Fallacy: That if you are against the filter, you are for child pornography
  • #18 – The Hamilton Fallacy: That censoring the Internet is just like censoring other media
  • #34 –The Rudd Fallacy: That there is a consensus about what porn is and what it is not. See Rule 34.
  • #82 – The Hamilton Fallacy of Clueless Consent: That people who allegedly support the filter were fully informed of the issues when they gave that support
  • and so on …

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